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General Information

We invite all who are interested in improving the construction industry to submit abstracts for consideration as oral or poster presentations. Paper should be based on research, innovation and/or best practices, and should focus on one of the two themes of the Conference

Strategies for Integrating Occupational Safety and Health In the Construction Process: Research, Innovation, Best Practices

Theme 1

Safety and health throughout the life-cycle of construction. This sub-theme will cover the following topics:

  • Pre-construction phase: Roles and responsibilities of owners, designers, producers/suppliers, authorities, insurance; and procedures for design, training, scheduling/planning, budgeting, optimizing life-cycle maintenance;
  • Construction phase: safety and health management, worksite coordination, culture, safer construction methods; and temporary structures, subcontracting, temporary workers, unskilled workers;
  • Post-construction phase: hazard characterization (namely, in maintenance works), sector-specific procedures, handling of hazardous
    substances/waste, deconstruction, demolition

Theme 2

Requirements for safety and health training: This sub-theme will cover the following topics:

  • Best practices: examples of theoretical and hands-on training programs and procedures;
  • Evidence of training effectiveness: process evaluation and outcomes/impact evaluation.

Final due date for submissions of abstracts is
15 January, 2012