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General Information


The XXXth International Symposium on Safety and Health in the Construction industry is sponsored by the Construction Section of the International Social Security Association (ISSA-C).  The symposium is held every three years and is the principal global event of decision-makers concerned with reducing work-related accidents and diseases in the construction industry.  Our focus is to bring together those decision-makers who can have the greatest impact on safety and health, and to engage them in a discussion about what our principal priorities should be. 

In both the US and in the greater Eurozone, an average of approximately four workers are killed each day on construction sites, hundreds more are seriously injured, and all workers are exposed to musculo-skeletal and toxic risks.  In developing countries the risks are even greater.  Construction continues to take a terrible human toll.

In 2009, the XXIXth Symposium adopted the Declaration of Brussels aimed at strengthening global commitment in promoting a preventive safety and health culture to reduce that toll.   In 2012, we will take stock of what has happened globally since the adoption of the Declaration, and will provide added focus on specific measures in each of the three phases of construction: pre-construction/planning; construction; post-construction/maintenance.  For more details, go to the Programme Page.

Anyone interested in making an oral or poster presentation is encouraged to submit an abstract.  For information, please go to the Call for Papers page. 
Please note that the deadline for abstracts is 15 January, 2012.


To register, please go to the Registration Page.
Please note that early registration ends on 15 July, 2012.


The Symposium will be held in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.  To make a hotel reservation, please go to the Hotel Registration page.

The Hotel is ideally located in the centre of Boston, yet only 4.5 km from the airport.  It is near all the main cultural and historical attractions and world class shopping.  The Centre of Boston is compact and most of the important sights can be reached by walking, or by taking the excellent public transport system. 

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US and is very charming, with many distinct neighbourhoods and a wide choice of outstanding restaurants and cuisines.

The Symposium is scheduled to coincide with "Indian Summer," when the trees turn bright with colours and the whole countryside becomes an amazing sight in itself.  The sea is not far way, including famous Cape Cod, and all of New England and Eastern Canada can be easily reached.

Getting to Boston from anywhere in the World is easy.  There are many flights from Europe's main airports each day, and at the most one connection from Asia, Africa or South America.


We have included several social sessions in the Symposium Programme.  Additionally, we will arrange several activities for accompanying persons.