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Did you know that the concept of landscape design/design was only established closer to the 19th-20th century?

Although people involved in organizing space, using greenery and decorative elements, existed in ancient times – remember the gardens of the Semiramis.

In Russia 17-19 centuries such people were called “organizers of gardens and parks”. And what they were engaged in, was called “garden and park art”.

In ancient times people paid more attention to gardening and its practical purpose – to get a good harvest from fruit trees. Whereas the aesthetic component was in the background. Later, the decorative effect of flowers became fashionable, which for a long time was quite an actual trend.

But in modern landscape design, these two directions are not widespread, especially in industrial countries. The main task there is to smooth out the conflict between urban forms and nature. In other words, to create a comfortable and pleasing space for life where nature and architecture combine and complement each other.

But there is another interpretation – some put into this concept any work on landscaping and site improvement.

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