Binary options are a great way to make money on the Internet with a small investment. The strategies of playing binary options are simple and effective, as they require only a change of price in the right direction by at least one point. Unlike classical trading, binary options are simple, effective, and very profitable, but of course they carry high risks.

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Many people compare the work with binary options with the casino game, and there are some similarities, but only in one case, when a trader (player) “points his finger into the sky” when buying a binary option. It is clear that such a player is looking for the ideal strategy for playing binary options, but such a player life will have to disappoint.

If someone knew a mechanism that does not require in-depth knowledge of the fundamental and technical analysis of trading and at the same time allows you to click on the “money” button … Frankly speaking, it is unlikely that he would share it.

The Internet is full of free strategies, paid signals and even more pleasant robots, which even the button for a trader will click. The question arises one: did the creators of all these benefits of civilization with the help of their miracle-systems earn anything? If yes, then where do they get the time and the main motivation to distribute this recipe for free or “at a similar price” to everyone? And if not, then it is not clear why all this is for… However, this is a rhetorical question.

IQ Option es un bróker online especializado en opciones binarias, establecido en la República de Chipre y fundado en 2013. En la actualidad ofrece inversiones en muchos instrumentos financieros como divisas, mercado Forex, Criptomonedas, Contrato por diferencias (CFD) de acciones de bolsa, fondos cotizados (ETF) y opciones digitales. 

There are three strategies of the game or work (who likes it as much as possible) on binary options:

  1. Fundamental – the “N-no” amount of time is spent to study the world market conditions, all mechanisms of market action, global interaction of economy, politics and geopolitics, and how all this affects various assets. In fact, all this is not so terrible, because it is enough to take one asset, study its behavior and reactions to various events. And then there is more, the second, third and so on.
  2. technical – no less time is spent behind the books on the theory of technical analysis, all the indicators are studied and appropriate strategies are developed.
  3. The union of two strategies – fundamental and technical. In fact, one is impossible without the other, but some traders manage to separate them. After all, people are usually divided into the humanities, which are not suitable for technical analysis within a kilometer, and technicians, who are not able to rely on any of this chatter. Of course, there are not many people who are able to master both, so they are the most successful traders. es una de las más antiguas plataformas para invertir en opciones binarias por internet. Fue creada en 1999 con el nombre “” siguiendo los parámetros legislativos del Reino Unido.

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