Manual treatment of the spine is primarily aimed at restoring muscles and relieving pain. Such therapy increases the mobility of joints and soft tissues, provides prevention of aging by increasing the volume of movement. As a result, muscular corset is strengthened, posture is improved, and spinal deformities are eliminated or reduced. The problem of pinching nerves and blood vessels is solved. Chiropractor can solve your problems.

Manual therapy restores cerebral blood flow and eliminates headaches and fainting. When removing muscle tension from the spine restores its blood supply and correct anatomy. This eliminates hernias, symptoms of osteochondrosis. When a person returns to the correct posture, his internal organs “stand in place”, which improves the general condition and allows you to treat a number of diseases associated with compression.



Manual therapy is a hands-only treatment. The method has been developing for 150 years, so doctors have developed many techniques:

Manipulation techniques are not strong, short push movements that restore joint mobility in the area of the sacrum and spine.

Mobilization technique – are the movements that contribute to the soft pulling of the vertebrae and slopes of the spine. As a result, swelling takes place, joints gain normal mobility and blood circulation is restored.

Soft technique – improves muscle tone, relieves pain, tension, treats ligaments. Sharp movements are absent. Ligaments and muscles become more mobile.