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Is it possible to become a designer without education?

Yes, you can! Recently we conducted a series of interviews with landscape experts and asked everyone how they started their journey.

What did we learn? Everyone comes to the profession in their own way! Someone started with their garden and got carried away, someone worked in a related profession, someone took only courses, someone got higher education. It doesn’t matter! Burning eyes and practice are important!

There is a group of people – “eternal students” who study, learn…
They understand that there is a lack of knowledge and continue learning.
We’re looking for a gold key that will open all the doors, but we’re not trying…
take any key and try to open at least one. Does that sound familiar?

And there’s an excellent cure for this disease. Anything you get.
knowledge must be put into practice immediately – and skill.
is getting fixed, and you can already see where to go next. And even better…
just take action!

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