Lawn care

lawn care

Watering and cutting the grass. Lawn treatment in spring and autumn, preparation of the lawn for winter: scarification, aeration, weeding and moss removal, weeding repair, border clearance, top dressing, levelling, mulching
Lawn care. Lawn mowing, lawn watering The lawn care includes watering, cutting, edge treatment, aeration, surface levelling, weed, moss and pest control. Our article on lawn care and photos (they increase) will help you to achieve the desired healthy and cool look of your green lawn

So you created a new lawn with your own hands from scratch, guided by our article. If your family lawn near your home is an unassuming place to relax and have a cozy picnic at the weekend, you will be able to do the least you can do to care for the lawn. If your lawn is designed as a decorative element of the garden and you want the perfect grass without flaws, it is better to immediately adjust to the significant cost of labor, money and time. Lawn care works contribute to the improvement of water and air permeability of the soil, better nutrition of grass roots, prevent swamping, fungal infections, growth of moss and weeds, give the lawn a well-groomed appearance.

Once a foreigner visiting the English lord’s estate, looking at a chic flat green lawn, asked the owner: “How do you maintain your lawn in such a beautiful condition? Oh, it’s very simple,” said a descendant of the noble family. – You just sow the grass, it grows, you cut it, it grows, you cut it again … and so on for 500 years

Of course, it’s just a joke. Beautiful and well-groomed lawns cannot be obtained by mowing alone; knowledge, effort and time are required. On the other hand, it doesn’t take centuries for a lawn to be built with its own hands: with modern features and some luck with the weather, you can create a lawn on your own and in one season.

Watering your lawn, watering rate

New lawns that have just been built (both roll-fed and sown) need regular watering. However, watering a lawn, which was established a few months ago, is a matter of personal choice and availability of resources. For example, in the UK, private lawns and public lawns are not irrigated even in dry periods, despite the fixed cost of cold water. The British find it unacceptable to use national water resources to irrigate lawns, where grass is naturally restored in all its green splendor in a few rainy days. The drought-ridden lawns in the Royal Q Botanical Garden, the gardens of the Royal Horticultural Community and other national parks are natural.

If you’ve chosen to water your lawn (lawn), do so strictly as you need to, using a lawn watering system with sprayers. The norm for watering your lawn is 13 mm water at a time. More water will be wasted when watering your lawn. Place an open flat-bottomed glass container in the area of the lawn watering system and note the time it takes to reach 13 mm of water. If you have an automatic lawn watering system, you can set the timer for the right time and water your lawn without your involvement.

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