Lawn care

Homogeneous green, tidy and silky lawn has long been considered a sign of taste of the owner, an elite decorative element of landscape design. For all its apparent simplicity and minimalism, a lawn lawn, like any other cultivated plant, requires close attention and constant care. Mowing and watering alone are essential – the lawn needs fertilisation, soil aeration, mulching and periodic restoration. It is also important to keep it clean and healthy – to control weeds, pests, prevent the appearance of mosses and diseases. Otherwise, without proper care, the lawn cover will inevitably lose its “advertising” appearance. And even the most beautiful flowerbeds and scattered trees will not save the impression of yellowish grass with prolapses.

lawn care

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Depending on the plant variety and the purpose of the lawn, the height of the grass should be maintained at 4 – 10 cm. During heavy rainfall, a lawn is usually mowed once every 5 days and in dry weather once every 7-12 days. It is best to mow the lawn a little, not more than one-third. The desire to cheat and mow less often, but in a shorter time will only lead to the extraction of useful substances from the soil and deterioration of the lawn. It is also important to make sure that the blades of the lawn mower are sharp, otherwise the leaf tips may start to turn yellow.