Pre Roll Sour Diesel

I’ve been waiting quite a while to be able to catch Trulieve’s smokable Sour Diesel flower in stock. This strain really doesn’t need an introduction for most cannabis consumers; Sour Diesel is arguably one of the most popular strains of all time, claiming its fame a couple of decades ago in the early ’90s. 

Before the passage of SB182 and the subsequent legalization of full smokable cannabis flower in Florida, Sour Diesel was a common strain available in Trulieve’s ceramic flower vape cups (review of Sour Diesel vape cups here). The strain seemed to all but disappear from Trulieve’s flower offerings thereafter, until a few weeks ago, when the first batches of Sour Diesel flower appeared – almost a full 3 month after the passage of SB 182.

Sour Diesel is one of my favorite sativa strains of all time. This strain consistently obliterates my depression and allows me to get into a motivated, productive, and happy state of mind.

Pre Roll Sour Diesel

Opening up this jar of Sour Diesel and taking a look at the flower took me back to the old days of using tiny flathead screwdrivers to work the metal screens off of the old vape cups. This flower looks almost exactly like I remember its counterpart in the vape cups, down to the distinct shade of green that Trulieve’s cut of Sour Diesel seems to have. 

I purchased two eighths, and found that both were filled up with popcorn nugs. Popcorn nugs don’t typically bother me, as they ultimately work the same way when medicating, but I do prefer to see large, beautiful buds when rating the appearance and cure.

The flower itself is sticky and seems to be cured well, though whoever trimmed this batch seemed to miss a bunch of dark green sugar leaves.