Santa Barbara Landscape Design

There were also such summer houses, where the harvest took the second place, as they were interested in the flower beds, which they planted near the summer house.

It couldn’t help but draw the attention of the neighbors. Probably, it was these gardeners who implemented the idea of creating a cozy atmosphere near the house. As time went by, many people became interested in it.

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Today, almost every person who has a dacha wants, except for the garden, to transform a small area where you can relax with friends and relatives. And you can decorate it with plants, flower beds, ponds, an alpine hill.

landscape design

Many people, having seen photos of landscape design of other people, do not dare to be engaged in its creation on their own site.

But do not be afraid, because the design of the dacha territory under the power of almost every person.

It is important to remember that landscape design must necessarily include a lawn. If you plant the area with regular grass, then the view will deteriorate as it will look sloppy.