Sb turf | landscaping Santa Barbara

The most common way of creating lawns is sowing grass seeds. It is often forgotten that ornamenting has a number of advantages compared to sowing seeds. Apparently, the most important advantage is the short time during which the area can be quickly covered with sb turf, even if the turf is not planted entirely, but at some distance from each other. An additional advantage of turf is that it can be done at a time of year when the main tension in the garden work is reduced, while sowing should be done in late summer or spring when workers are busy with other work.

However, the cost of venisoning is higher than sowing with grass seeds, not only because the unit of venisoned area is more expensive than sown. At vulcanization there are usually additional costs for transporting the turf, if the place of its preparation is at some distance from the site. However, in many cases it is easier to create a lawn from turf than from grass seeds, because the soil does not require such careful preparation and the veneer process is less complicated than sowing grass.

It should be noted that very poor results are obtained from turf containing undesirable grass species. When creating large areas of lawn, veneer is usually not used because of its high cost.

The main difficulty in creating lawns from turf is the lack of a good material for this, i.e. no really good turf. Good turf for a lawn is extremely rare. It is very rare that turf is not completely clogged with weeds. But when choosing turf for transplanting, it is more important to pay attention to the grass species that forms it and not to the plants that clog it.