Tangie Sativa Cartridge

Most home-growers know how important the drying and curing process is. The aromatic package has to develop slowly over time. The production of high-quality cannabis can be quite similar to the production of good wine or cheese. The ripening process is extremely important for the smell and taste of the final product.

Even if the curing process is perfectly managed, up to 55-60% of the essential oils, also known as terpenes, can be lost. By taking freshly harvested bud as the input factor for the production of live resin, and immediately shock freezing it, terpenes and cannabinoids don’t have the chance to degrade. This is the biggest difference to other forms of concentrates, which normally use dried and cured buds to start with.

Tangie Sativa Cartridge

From a technical perspective, Tangie Sativa Cartridge is still a form of BHO that is produced by exposing buds to butane. Live resin can also be produced via CO2 extraction, though. After extraction, the material is purged of impurities using a vacuum oven that employs lower temperatures for a few hours.

Tangie is a citrusy burst of silly goodness. It’s a wildly popular strain for good reason – it helps you feel like you’ve got friends, like you’ve got this. I love its happy euphoria… a lot. I (vaguely) remember smoking some of this strain out of a glass blunt and sitting by Lake Merritt in Oakland, Cali. It happened to be 4/20 so naturally, everyone was smiling and soaking up the sunshine. People were passing out compliments and snacks. The vibe was perfect. I remember literally rolling down a grassy knoll giggling. It made me happy to be alive. Okay, have I sold you on this strain yet?

Rove wasn’t a company I was initially familiar with. It’s a company that makes some noise about terpenes and their particular significance to the overall cannabis experience. However, the brand leaves me with a lot of questions. For instance, the website says Rove’s 100% organic cannabis is sourced from a collective of farms in their network, but (at the time of this review) they don’t offer any farm names or even location. In this adult rec moment in the cannabis industry, you can’t really get away with not telling me certain key pieces of information. Sourcing is a big part of building brand loyalty, and I’m not sure why Rove isn’t doing it.