Types of MRI. Private MRI Vancouver

Types of MRI studies

  • MRI of the brain, or in other words, magnetic resonance imaging of the head. To date, this method is recognized as the most sensitive method of medical diagnosis when examining the most important human organ – the brain. For almost all types of diseases and head injuries, physicians advise using magnetic resonance imaging services.
  • Spinal MRI. This is not a radiological, absolutely painless type of MRI of the spine, recognized as the most effective and safe for human health method of making an accurate diagnosis. Based on the MRI data from the spine, the doctor can see the overall condition of all vertebrae as well as the intervertebral spaces through which highly sensitive nerve endings pass. Spinal MRI scans and spinal CT scans are considered the most accurate and constantly evolving diagnostic method in modern neuro- radiology.
  • MRI Vancouver – Scans are performed in different positions to detect instability
  • Abdominal MRI. Unlike computed tomography, MRI does not use ionizing radiation, allows to obtain visual cross sections in any plane, as well as to evaluate their anatomical and topographic features and relationships. In order to better see abdominal cavity volumetric pathologies, intravenous contrast injection is sometimes used during this examination.
  • Neck MRI in Vancouver. The neck spine is one of the most vulnerable areas in the human body and an accurate neck MRI scan allows for timely identification of all problems and an accurate diagnosis with an MRI service.
  • MRI of small pelvic organs. Small pelvic MRI is the most promising, modern, painless type of MRI examination, which allows to accurately determine the human condition without radiation exposure.
  • MRI of joints. It is a widely used procedure in the planning of operations on joints, as well as during postoperative monitoring of the patient.
  • MRI of internal organs. Our office is equipped with a high-resolution CT scanner with stunning image resolution (best quality not only in Vancouver, but all over Canada). With us you can get an MRI of your kidneys, liver, prostate and other magnetic imaging services at Obolon. You can see the MRI photos on our website.
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